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Similar to the alternator, a dynamo is a vital component of all vehicles’ battery systems, converting mechanical energy into electrical energy to keep your vehicle running smoothly, reliably, and safely.
Here at Moses Coffey Ltd., we offer a wide selection of branded and unbranded dynamos suitable for use in domestic passenger vehicles as well as in commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles, plant equipment, and machinery.
Our team has decades of experience offering reliable advice and recommendatins, ensuring we fit a Wicklow dynamo to suit your vehicle or machinery’s unique requirements.

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Why Choose Moses Coffey Ltd. for Dynamos?

Supplier of Branded & Off-Market Products
Here at Moses Coffey Ltd., we provide a selection of both branded auto spares and off-market auto spares to suit all budgets and applications.

Decades of Experience
Based in the heart of Wicklow for over 40 years, the Moses Coffey Ltd. team has decades of experience offering a selection of auto electrical products that guarantee quality.

Expert Advice & Recommendations
Our years of experience as an auto electrical supplier combined with a genuine passion for what we do means that we offer expert advice and recommendations to ensure your vehicle functions efficiently all year round.

Dynamo Products FAQ

  • What is a Dynamo?

    A dynamo is a vital part of the electrical system of any vehicle or machine, converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

  • Do you deliver dynamos?

    Yes, we offer free delivery on all dynamos for customers across Ireland.

  • What kind of dynamos do you sell?

    We sell dynamos for all types of vehicles, equipment, and machinery including domestic cars and vans, light commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles and machinery, plant equipment, agricultural equipment and machinery, marine equipment, and more.